Maybe next month and other lies we tell ourselves

I have a confession to make.  Although it may seem like this website and my business popped up overnight, it’s actually been in the making for a few months now.  In 2019, when I was launching a website for a Pilates and health coaching website, I found myself fascinated by the legal side of starting an online business and realized there was a need to help other fitness professional get over the mind drama and overwhelm that can come up.  

I found myself consuming so much information on privacy and data protection laws and contracts and I kept thinking, well I’m just not ready to share it just yet.  I need to study it more.  I was also in the midst of my life coach certification program through Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School and I thought, well I’m not ready to coach yet.  I need to finish my certification program.  And of course there were the holidays and learning to teach barre for a new studio in town and then trying to get out of a contract to teach barre for that studio and then let’s get the kids back in school after the holidays and then I’ll wait until after I get my certification in mid-March but wait we’ve got a Spring Break trip planned in late March and THEN I’ll be ready.  Yes, I told myself, I’ll definitely be ready to launch my new business and website in early April after the kids are back in school.

That’s right, after all of that mind drama, I thought April 2020 would be the perfect time to work on my business.  I’d do it while the kids were in school.

As we all know, a certain Chinese bat, our government and, more importantly, my kids’ school district and their ‘parent-facilitated distance learning protocol’ had other ideas.

My kids were like, oh you thought you’d get time away from us in April and May, mom?

Hold my juice box.

That’s what procrastination does. We have dreams and aspirations and we keep putting them off until we have that perfect time to finally do it.  The problem is, though, is that the perfect time is always some time in the future.  The human brain is amazing at trying to protect us. It wants to seek pleasure (i.e, I’ll use that free hour to look at what others are doing on Instagram and watch Netflix or make a few extra dollars by subbing a couple more classes this week).  It avoids pain (i.e., but if I’m not ready and if I do something stupid, everyone will make fun of me and I’ll lose followers).  It also wants to conserve energy (i.e., it’s so much effort to put time and money into my business when it’s uncertain….it’s easier to stay at the studio and get the paycheck).  That’s your primitive brain’s agenda and hey, it’s done a pretty good job right? It’s kept you alive, right?

But aren’t you ready to do more than just survive? Procrastination serves all three your primitive brain’s goals and the result is that you stay stuck in what you were doing.  When you’re ready to stop just thinking about it and consuming information so that you’re getting ready to get ready to get ready…., then you have to start using your higher brain to start talking back to the primitive brain and challenge all of the bullshit excuses it’s giving you.

When the school shut down and I first learned that not only were the kids coming home but that I’d have an extensive daily protocol to follow each day with them, my primitive brain kicked back in.  I had mind drama and honestly, I still have it daily.  (I sometimes share my mind drama on my Instagram stories and then 24 hours later think, crap, why did I do that???).  But that’s where coaching has helped me.

I have a coach for this and she challenges all of those thoughts that, even with all of my training and daily self-coaching, sound like facts. But they’re thoughts and thoughts are optional.  A coach helps me question my mind drama which would lead to more procrastination and procrastination will never get me or this business anywhere.  

I can launch a website and write a course on international and domestic privacy policy laws while homeschooling my kids from home. I can figure out the tech side of all of this even if it’s all brand new to me.  It’s okay if the website isn’t perfect, if links are broken, if there’s typos or if someone out there may criticize me.  I can do this.  If something doesn’t work, I learn to fix it. You want to know the thought that really helped me finally get out of my own head and launch this online business during the Corona virus crisis?  I have information and skills that can help fitness professionals launch their entrepreneurial dreams.  It’s not about me.  It’s not about this website being perfect. It’s not about me being immune to criticism.  It’s about you. 

It’s about me sharing information with some people who could use my help.

So now think about your excuses?  How are you procrastinating? How are you putting off your dreams to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy?  What thoughts go through your head and are they pushing you forward or holding you back?  Most important, what knowledge, talent, skills and message do you have for your audience out there?  What can you do today to share it?  How can you go out there help some people? 

If you want to hop on a call with me for a free 30 minute session, bring one of those thoughts.  Let me show you how coaching can help you get out of your head and into that dream business.

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