Do you dream of taking your classes online and making a profit, but don’t know where to start?

You’ve been dreaming about starting your own online fitness website, showcasing your on-demand workout videos or streaming live classes. You’ve thought of YouTube and have maybe tried an Instagram Live class once or twice. But the set up is confusing and asking for $5 donations through your Venmo account isn’t bringing you the income you know you deserve. You know you have the talent and could film amazing videos on your own website–maybe a membership program or working one-on-one with clients or small groups. But how do you even start?

First, inhale. Next, exhale. Then let’s just take this step by step.

You may be following another trainer on Instagram and have seen her website. You want a website like that, don’t you. But how do you get a website with membership portals, embedded videos, and payment acceptance up like that when you don’t know the first thing about coding? Can you really do this without hiring an expensive web designer? And what about the filming? Can you make quality videos without expensive equipment and a film crew?

Inhale.  Exhale.  This is where my free Guide comes in.  

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